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 FRASER HAND CAR WASH is now offering special: 

MINI DETAIL $90 & up

  • Interior vacuum: seats and carpets,

  • Windows clean,

  • Dashboard wipe,

  • Door jams,

  • Through exterior hand car wash,

  • Clean rims and hub caps (after market wheels and more than 5 spoke rims extra charges)

  • Tire dressing

Its all just for $90 (small economy car) Extra for vans, station wagon, pick up trucks and 7 seat crossover, or commercial vehicles

Dog hair removal ( $25 to $45) extra

Wheel wells and undercarriage extra

Extra dirty cars will also be charged extra

Rims that have not been maintained properly may not be able to get clean

Engine Shampoo: $99.99 Small engines only (regular price $149.99)

Quick Wax, $150 Regular $199 & up (Coupe or Small Sedan)

  • Quick Wax to give ultra shine & protection against dirty rain water & salt

  • Rims Clean & Tire Shine

  • Gives a Beautiful Fnish

  • Last up to 3 months

Interior Shampoo: $350 & up

Carpet, Seats, Dashboard, Panels

Door Jambs, Air Vents, Windows

Floor Matts, Exterior & Much More

Please Note: These prices are for 2door coupe or small sedan. Vans, trucks, suv, crossover, larger vehicles or extra dirty cars will be charged extra

Shine up your car: Polish & Wax $375

  • Clay bar, Rain Shine, a quick oxidizing wax to restore your vehicle's paint and life back. a free car wash, wheels & rims clean up, tire dressing

  • Note: (requires 3 hours of a drop off)

LASTS FOR 3 MONTHS with no car washLASTS FOR 6 MONTHS TO 9 MONTHS with a regular HAND CAR WASH minimum $40 for a car wash with linen brushes for regular car washers. Small cars only, Commercial vehicles need assessment

COMPLETE DETAIL: $575 small car

a complete shampoo/ steam clean, interior of the vehicle + exterior waxing $850, now at $575 depending on the size & condition of a vehicle

Please call in for special rates and varioius pacakages to choose from to maximize your need

(Important notice to all of our online shoppers, please be advised all coupons are subject to appointment availability and the expiration date of your voucher. You may also contact us before your purchase online). Due to our high volume of repeated customers we strongly recommend to call us at 604-327-7761 book an appointment in order for us to give you the best quality and satisfactory work guaranteed. NOTE: Vehicles that have been parked for over 4 months require additional charges for tree saps and roof molds.

minimum time on a vehicle 45minutes

minimum drop off time 120 minutes

minimum time required for a complete detail 6.5 hours

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